Special Collapsible Stand, Retail Display, Market Display
Oval Collapsible Stand, Retail Display, Market Display, Stand Alone Shelf, Market Stall, Fair Display, Product Display Rack

We have focused on creating an ideal solution to increase the visibility of your products, reflect your brand image, highlight product features, and enable customers to easily discover your products. When designing, we have struck a balance between aesthetics, durability and usability.

Oval Collapsible Stand will be your ultimate helper in your business, workshop, events, and festivals.

• Designed as an easy-to-assemble system shelf.
• Made of high-quality plywood, providing durability and a long lifespan.
• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
• Easy to use with its compact design and quick assembly option.
• The product is an ideal choice for displaying your products and attracting your customers' attention.
• Can be used for decorative purposes in offices, studios, and other spaces.
• With its sleek and practical design, it is a useful option for growing your business.

It is made of 15mm water resistant and high quality plywood material.

You can see how the assembly is done in the video among the product images.

It is made of 15mm waterproof and high quality plywood material.
You can use the shelves on both sides. Whether you want the channel surface or the flat surface.

Suitable for placing on vendor tables.

The measurements are shown in the last photo. If you have any specific measurement inquiries, please send us a message.

Note: For easy assembly and disassembly, the product may have a slightly gapped structure, which may cause reasonable levels of oscillation. This is intentionally designed as part of the product's overall design.

We are always here for your questions. Thank you for visiting.
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